Saturday, March 27, 2010

False Equivalence

I could write a whole piece on this concept, and maybe I will at some point. It's a spring day, and hard to resist. But I was looking at James Wolcott this morning and he referenced the following post on this equivalence stuff, most recently exemplified by Mr. Cantor's phantom near-martyrdom by stray bullet, but more generally and largely, by this idea that "we" all need to tone it down because "we" all are guilty of more or less the same stuff. So, e.g., "but you guys called Mr. Bush a fascist, what's the difference?" And thus, a fine response to David Brooks:

I'm not familiar with driftglass, but I'll definitely go back and check him out some more. If I continue to be impressed, he'll make my links section over on the left. You two keep a lookout.

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