Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Nothing Much Ever Happens Part 7,581

Beckham (c) Tbogg
This is some good reporting, but beyond that, just consider that this is also reporting in the vast mundane sea, where one shrimp is pretty much like another, and where the real "story" is the sea itself, calm except for the long swell, shiny with the reflection of the sun, empty, a universe unto itself.  We see, then, a detail, like thousands of other details we might also see, and say: yes.  The United States is a country who's first class citizens are not people at all, but corporations and other business entities.  Their political task is to deal with the inconvenient problem of elections, shaping them to the ends desired for business reasons.  Because for a business, what other reasons exist.

{I include the beautiful photo of Beckham partly because I like to think of him and his spirit, and also because behind him is the calm ocean.} 

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