Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Votin' Day

well the race is on and here comes heartbreak

You have a brief day to vote, if you haven't.  In North Carolina we vote for judges, and they've developed some sort of mathematical computer assisted gizmo (probably using software cobbled from the BCS system of bowl selection) called the instant run-off (since run-offs are expensive, and there are lots of candidate judges that no one knows).  So, have fun with that, but read the instructions. You cannot shotgun-vote, which is counter-intuitive to me anyways  Otherwise, good luck and be a good citizen.  I'm sure you know who I'm voting for.

Some random facts.  Andrew Breitbart is going to be on the ABC news team covering the election this year.  That's it for ABC in my book.  Makes me happy I live in a little shadow spot on the globe where my Dish won't give me local programming.  Also, yesterday Limbaugh revealed his true "reasoning" for being such a determined dick (aside from making millions of dollars)--this election, he said, was an exercise in kicking all the pretty people who ran high school out.  That's what he said.  He used "like" in there somewhere, to show it was a metaphor.  I'm thinking he actually revealed a little of his own psychology.   Pat Buchannan seemed to be hedging his landslide bets a bit last night on Hard Ball, as did Limbaugh yesterday.   After the dust settles, be sure to put a big star on the calendar denoting the day the Tea Party subjects the defense budget to their oh most serious fiscal principles.  And another on the day you predict they start an investigation of Mr. Obama's place of birth.  And let us know which of these future days you predict comes first.

That's about it for the election.  It's up to America to get out and vote.  As for NASCAR, I'm with Charles Pierce.

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  1. the tea party scares me so much. i hope i am pleasantly surprised tonight when the returns start rolling in.