Saturday, January 29, 2011


This brilliant post by driftglass connects a lot of important things that don't usually get connected.  I don't have much to add.  I particularly like the comparison of the flawed thinking involved in the Challenger disaster to that regarding global warming "denialism."  It might also be noted that the truly flawed decision-making that led to the Challenger launch is pretty much vanished from press discussions of the anniversary.  Yet it would seem to me that actually reminding ourselves that bad decision-making has gigantic consequences, the reminder being that vapor trail explosion in the sky, would be the best commemoration of those brave lives lost that day.  When Mr. Bush decided to start pulling the war levers after 9/11, my first thought was, "Didn't he learn anything from Vietnam?"  Of course that question has buried within it other questions, such as, "Why are we spending such a gigantic fortune on a military machine that can, in the end, only be so effective?"  Such a question gores too many oxes I guess.  Meanwhile, the world continues to out pace and out flank our notions of control--today Egypt is "doing" what Egypt wants to do.  Like everyone, I hope peace will return to that ancient and beautiful country. 

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