Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the Long View

Jack Palance in "Shane"

Here's a piece of reporting you probably didn't see on your teevee yesterday:


It's one of those facts that I do realize makes my attempt, in the last post, to actually reason with people committed to whatever it is the Right is committed to, naive, laughable even.  The truth is, the Right is happy to accept the collateral damage, if it should occur.  But the Right is also unwilling to admit that straight out, except when expounding to its own committed audience.  The conversation between Hannity and Palin last night was instructive.  They both understand that Palin happens to be holding the "smoking gun" of that "crosshairs poster," not to mention Giffords own objections to it, in advance, months before the massacre.   And since that's not really a problem beyond being a problem of publicity, what can they do but hem and haw till the hour is blessedly over.  Amongst their true believers, there is no problem.  Jesse Kelly ran a campaign against Giffords which suggested that "2nd Amendment Solutions" were needed.  He posed with assault weapons.  He suggested that Ms. Giffords was a thief of public monies.  Since the shooter was "crazy," there can be no question of any of the rhetoric actually having any consequences.  The Limbaugh poster has been removed as it was tasteless under the circumstances.  Perhaps Limbaugh has even stopped pillorying the Sheriff.  These things have a shelf life. An actual victim of the shooting has already been arrested for losing it in a public forum and shouting what could be construed as threats at the man who actually has said that Giffords bears responsibility for the massacre for not having private security in place at her meeting with the public. 

And anyways, if you wanna know who this guy Martin Luther King, Jr., really was.  Why just google him. 

Goddard made a good movie once called "Contempt."  It starred Jack Palance and Bridget Bardot, and had a role for Fritz Lang, playing a director.  It'd make a good double feature with Blake Edwards' "SOB," which I watched over the weekend.

Update.  The FCC has approved the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal.   Of course Olbermann and Maddow have the right to have blogs just like this one--we have freedom of speech in America. 

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