Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best One Sentence Super Bowl Coverage

"leaving the station"
Ask yourself how the NFL could throw a flag on Green Bay for "excessive celebration" and keep a straight face. 
 --Doghouse Riley

Meanwhile, it would seem that Mr. Obama's opportunity in the Egyptian situation has evaporated away, along with his opportunity to do much of anything with the oligarchy here.  As was pointed out by Lawrence O'Donnell last night, no mention was made, in the Chamber of Commerce Speech, of ending the absurdly low tax rate for the top 2 percent of Americans.  In the interview with Bill-O we perhaps got a reasonable guess of what phone conversations with the Mubarak people were probably like.  Maybe if Obama had ended that detestable exercise--the "interview" I mean-- with a hand buzzer handshake we could then fantasize about the United States "sending a plane" over to Cairo. 

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