Thursday, April 21, 2011

Assorted Quick Things

Great Review:

I mean as a review, but it does get at the fundamental problem--what to do when you try to make a good movie of a bad book.  There's a logical connundrum problem.

In other reviews, this week Mr. Trump said that Obama's first book was written by a Hemingway, his second by a highschool graduate.  The argument was that Obama didn't write either book I guess.  But what bothers me even more is Trump's utter ignorance of Hemingway.  Ain't no way Obama's book reads like Hemingway.  There are Hemingway-style writing contests every year.  Go look at the results.  Or.  Read one of Hemingway's books.  The earlier ones.  Particularly.  Sun Also Rises.  Or Farewell to Arms. 

Yesterday Mr. Gingrich said, on Hannity, that we should "block grant Medicaid and we could save a trillion dollars."  I don't really know what that means, except that it surely means that the poorest, most ravaged citizens, most of them old and in rest homes, many of them suffering bed sores and theft from their attenders, will surely get less care.  Hannity didn't persue Gingrich's proposal.  His mouth was full. 

While Paul Ryan seemed somewhat nonplussed by the resistance he encountered yesterday, it's going to take a whole lot more resistance to do any real damage to his determination--and that of the Republicans--to actually destroy the social safety net such as it is--rotten and rendered already.  Mr. Schultz and Ms Maddow were very excited to see any resistance, as indeed they should be.  But let's remember what resistance actually looks like--it's when the same people at the Ryan meeting are in Tea Party rage about the Health Care bill.  The question is whether the aim to destroy Medicare and Medicaid will be obvious enough to overcome the need to listen to authority above all else--a psychological trait which dominates the Republican base and leaves them vulnerable to the likes of Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh.  They still are listening to that Big Lie every live long day.  Ryan only shows up in the flesh every now and then. 

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