Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hannity--A Pointless Exercise

Ok, it was totally my responsibility to turn on the damn car radio on the way home and then not change the channel when Hannity's show arrived from the aether.  They were talking about the excellent decision in New York last week--"they" being some guy from the so-called "family research council," a group that would be fine with gassing teh gay one and all on grounds of "improving the race," Mr. Hannity as "moderator", meaning a person who jumps in and mangles the affirmative side's sensible rejoinders, and then the other side herself, a very articulate woman named Sally, a lawyer no less, and a member of a same-sex relationship with children.  I went to Hannity's websites this morning to try to find her name, as Sally did a bang up job under the circumstances--no luck.  Mr. Hannity's website is just as fucked up as his phony talk show--that is, what Mr. Hannity produces daily is the illusion of conversation masking pure right-wing masturbation, period, end of story. 

In this particular instance Mr. Hannity had nothing to stand on at all--as the whole anti-same-sex marriage thing has never had anything going for it other than to stimulate lizard-brain hate for homosexuals.  Since a very big state has now ratified the obvious--that the right to marry should be applied equally--Hannity and the so-called Christian representative were changing tacks--yesterday the question was, is this really all right for "the children."  When Sally objected that she had children, she was chided: "let's not personalize this."  Yeah.

The thing is, people who still live in a sane, human universe should just stop going on Mr. Hannity's phony conversations.  Sally should have said "fuck you" and walked off the show, after Hannity had patronized her the first time.  Instead, like a person who makes every effort to engage with the "other side" in the hopes of finding common ground, she ignored, again and again, Hannity's no-holds-barred diminution of her personally and kept soldiering on, focused on the alleged subject of the show. 

All this did, in the end, was allow Hannity to produce yet another faux conversation, as "fair and balanced" as a 2-ton anchor around your ankle.  It is simply not worth the breath.  Right wing radio is all propaganda, 24-7.  As highly trained salespersons, they are, one and all, capable of demolishing most people of good will--because they have no good will at all.  And that's the Mussolini rejoinder. 

Meanwhile--more cudos to New York State.  What the right says about same-sex marriage may become moot. 

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