Wednesday, June 22, 2011

St. Anselm Would Be Proud

The question is--why isn't our ordinary mainstream media making this point?  The incoherence is so gigantic that it cannot be perceived from a human perspective is a possible answer.  But then there's the equally enormous effort, made almost constantly and without ceasing by all of talk radio and Fox News, to obscure the obvious.  And in this regard, big cudos to Jon Stewart, who actually put his finger right on the problem when he managed to cause Chris Wallace to leap visibly between the two meanings of "balanced", which are normally left to be part of the obscuring apparatus in their ambiguity:

(I note that already Stewart is being counter-attacked for suggesting that Fox viewers are more misinformed than, what, the "typical" viewer of news I suppose.  While as a statistic this might be hard to rigorously defend, this rejoinder is a little beside the point given the exposed "balance ambiguity" and the obvious fact that we are all subject to constant misinformation by our media, mainstream and otherwise.)

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