Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Patriotic Post

Fireball Roberts, 1961 
I'm sure this isn't my original idea.  Why doesn't Congress close out its fantastic health care insurance program and come join the rest of us in the real medical system of the U.S. of A.  It seems to me that, at the moment, far too many in Congress think they are among the "elite" in America, and are legislating in that vein, "from above" as it were.  But there is no "elite" in America, not officially, and certainly not endowed by vote.  The people who represent us should be "of us," that way they'll have a much better idea of how we as a people live.  The folks who think they are "above," mostly by virtue of their bank accounts, are in fact flat wrong.  While these folks will probably always encourage legislators to think they are also "elite," it's actually pretty sad when legislators fall for that.  (Not to mention a whole dang party.) 

That's it for today.  The Firecracker 400 ought to be pretty good--check it out tonight.

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Update: just read this post:

The thing about people with money is, they have the leverage to create faux realities, such as fake think tanks or even fake news networks.  After a while, nobody in the real world knows what's going on.  I'll bet Ms Lohan didn't even get paid to further the cause either, poor dear--and as a celebrity, her "tweets" have value.  Surely she deserved at least a case of single malt, for the cold winter days ahead.  Ain't rite.

Update--the Firecracker 400 (I emphasize "cracker") was excellent.  Jeff Gordon pushed Kyle Busch (my main man) to 5th place.  A really good shew.  

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