Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The So-Called Green House Effect
A fairly short fellow down at the Texaco used to tell me that CO-2 was not a "green house gas" because it only "operated" close to the ground.  He was right too.  If you go up in an air plane, even a few thousand feet, it'll be a lot colder.  My dad used to fly biplanes, which had open cockpits of course.  He nearly froze one day when he went up without a heavy coat because it was hot on the ground.  And this was back in 1920 or so, well before anyone but a British scientist had even thought of the problem of global warming.  Anyways, "Shortie" might get a kick out of this article:

(You have to click the link in the article I have linked to get to the article claiming that toxic emissions will "cure" the green house problem.  Of course this might be a true argument, such as it is.  Unless the emissions are themselves greenhousey and do their own reflecting of heat.  As this experiment is being conducted on the real planet, no doubt our kids will probably find out.)
Meanwhile, "gmta" as the kids say on the internet tubes.  Libby and I had many of the same thoughts last night as we watched the cited footage.  Quell droll.  Sacre Bleu, Sgt. Preston:

(We were more in the psychological mode on this, wondering if there wasn't quite a bit of projection in an ostentatious effort to "pray away the gay.")  However you slice it, something's definitely up.  Further evidence is our local right wing morning talk extravaganza, which was already yesterday morning making heated efforts to distinguish between the gotcha "journalism" of Mr. O'Keefe and company and the ABC undercover piece on the Bachmann clinic.  I wondered why they were devoting so much time to it.  It's called a fire line.  

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