Monday, July 18, 2011

Sorry Mr. Chairman

Bolton, Watt, Murdoch statue--not the same guys you think

I'll just pass along this fine grab from Fox News, hard hitting journalism division, courtesy of Ataturk:

The other pretty hilarious quote I happened to catch on the coverage of Fox News's hall of mirrors was that highly intellectual discussion of how "we" have a hacking problem generally, that it's not particularly important whether we're talking about Fox or Murdoch's various other facets of empire, or your friendly corner bank, or that nice nuclear plant down the road.  Except, strangely (not), no mention in this sweeping upwards arc into the metasphere of the fact that in the Murdoch empire case, it was the empire that was DOING the hacking.

I won't be a bit surprised to hear the various radio stooges repeating this blatant distraction posing as argument either.  If I'm stupid enough to turn them on I mean.  I'm trying to resist that stupidity, since the entire point of doing that (turning them on) is just to find out what new lie is coming round the bend.  Mr. Edroso and Mr. Riley actually do a good job of sending out the alerts, not to mention Driftglass.

In that regard--the alerts I mean--check out alicublog's piece on the sludge of racist comment which swamped the Village Voice comments section devoted to Edroso's column last week:

I guess it's been decided that it's time to amp all that stuff up again--what Edroso calls the "ooga-booga".  Maybe they're hoping that'll distract from the erosion of Murdoch's pedestal, or possibly even the debt ceiling thing, which ought by now to be a ten ton anchor around the GOP's leg.

Update for Tuesday morning.  I did listen a bit to Hannity yesterday on the drive home.  He was "conversing" with Sen. McCain.  McCain, who keeps one foot attached to reality (probably due to his war experiences), kept saying the GOP had to find a way out of the debt ceiling issue.  Hannity, talking as though he had any responsibility at all (which he doesn't), said he was against any compromise not tied to a balanced budget amendment.  McCain, proving once again why he should never have been elected to anything much, didn't walk of the show in disgust.  Later on, after I got home, I watched Matthews "converse" with Norquist, who evaded all responsibility for the debt ceiling crisis even though he's cooked up this "pledge" which apparently serves to shackle the few Republicans who have any common sense into the same corner.

In spite of much optimism on the left that the debt ceiling will be raised, I personally think it's not that likely.  Too many Republicans have lost their minds.   If it all plays out in this negative and foolish way, one would hope that the paymasters who bought this band of authoritarian fantasists will themselves find some unhappiness.  It's probably more likely that they're all simply selling short, and see more tidy profits from the various worldwide miseries that will ensue should we suffer a national bankruptcy.  That's what "too big to fail" really means. 

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