Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weed Eating

Here's a terrific post from the always terrific Marcy Wheeler:

What this analysis of Elliot Abrams' defense of Dick Cheney shows is that Republicans have been consistently dismissive of the law when it suits their "higher" purposes, for decades.  That is, Abrams is surely correct in his assertion that Dick Cheney never changed, from back when he was defending Iran-Contra, right on up to his willingness to forgo bothersome facts when they got in the way of a war he wanted to instigate with Iraq, and on, to his oversight in the outing of Valerie Plame, and even now, to writing this "memoir" which simply asserts his personal vision of reality at every turn, and damn (once again) whatever facts there might be in the other direction.

Perhaps it's a weird blessing that at least Cheney isn't in a position to run for President.  One wonders why he hasn't had a convenient heart transplant, however.  All he needed to do, back when he was Veep, was hang out near the battlefields he created, and a good healthy, brave heart would surely have come along in due time.

Speaking of the lying Mr. Perry, by the way:  for all his talk of making government invisible, here's my prediction.  When and if he's elected President (there probably should be some scare-quotes around "elected", since we know the whole process is suspect and has been so since 2000), Mr. Perry is going to turn into the ole Kingfish, p.d.q.  There will be big job programs for the unemployed, great new public works efforts, and of course a big military expansion (more jobs), including a new Legion stationed along the border with Mexico, and perhaps a wall to rival the Great Wall of China.  Mr. Perry is going to put the country back to work.  Just like Mussolini.  That's what he is.  He has zero principles, and a will-to-power the size of the dearly departed World Trade Centers.  Deficits you say?  The Democrats will be gone, and they are the party of deficit spending.  QED. 

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