Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Civil Rights Voting Act?

The digby piece is reportage. It's what's happening in Alabama right now. There's also a fine New Yorker piece by Jane Mayer just out on my state's own Art Pope, a multimillionaire who is funding the state-by-state counter revolution which is likely to end in a Republican President in 2013. As someone on the teevee asked the other night, "Do you think Mr. Obama is going to win North Carolina or Virginia this time around?" It might have been the same show, but on Chris Matthews they were speculating on whether Mr. Obama might just, like Lyndon Johnson, resign, or choose not to run.

Money is power, always has been. The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling has unleashed unlimited monetary power on a voting public which in the main doesn't have the time or interest to really pay attention, but instead allows itself to be whipsawed by 30-second sound bites which are primarily lies and distortions. Some people with lots of money believe that poor people shouldn't even be allowed to vote, since they will only vote for people who will take money away from the people who "earned" it. (You think that proposition is absurd--well I do too, but it is being argued by highly skilled professional rhetoricians on our so-called public airways every single day.)

At any rate, one would hope that people who spend so much of their time obsessing about the civil rights of zygotes will spare a few seconds to consider what's happening to the children of Hispanics in Alabama, even if Mr. Sessoms just brushes all that aside as "collateral damage." A lot of those children are American citizens, after all. And the ones that are not are still just CHILDREN.

(I hope Digby will forgive me using the photo from her piece, in the interest of furthering her message.)

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