Monday, January 16, 2012

Contrast and Compare; or This Guy? 1.1

From an essay on breasts implants:

"...I assert that even adult women who ostensibly agree to breast mutilation cannot have arrived at that choice from a position of full human agency. I assert this because no woman anywhere enjoys full human agency."

From an essay on Mormonism by a resident of Salt Lake City:

"... Mormonism is a successful religion precisely because it's a business that requires total belief in a paternalistic dogma. Big Daddies are at the top. Mommies are in the kitchen popping out babies and children fall in line to do their share based on their gender. Chores are gender specific and so are rewards at home and in the Church. As it is on earth so it is in Heaven. Heaven is as hierarchical as the Church."

Curiously, what one might term "gender issues" are not even in the primary discussion of our Presidential conversation this time around. They're buried, way down the page, or amount to a footnote. We'll probably be killing Iranian children before the question surfaces. And that's no matter who's elected in November.

Last week at work someone called to asked whether we took today off for "Martin Luther Day." Plus, they even messed up the quote on his statue in D.C. I said, "No, we're gonna do Martin Buber Day this year."


  1. man, they *really* messed up that quote. but how can they fix it? craziness.

  2. As a stone mason I can say that the diamond blade angle grinder will "fix" quite a lot of stuff "set in stone." However, how such a mistake got past all the vetting of such a project is pretty darn amazing.