Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to Work

Although I hate to move on, I'll start by simply offering you a link:

After you've digested this, read this next one too:

Now, have a nice day! The poisionous, vile Republican candidates continue their remarkable speeches, so I'll have new comments up soon on life in the US of A, Feb. 2012 edition. TGIF.

Saturday Morning Update
. By the end of Friday, the Komen Foundation had backed off its policy re Planned Parenthood. For the moment. Until things quiet down. Until the heat's off. Go find Ms. Brinker's explanation of the original policy change in an interview with Andrea Mitchell, on Thursday last. It's posted, I'm sure, on Then ask yourself how this is some sort of "mistake." Rather than what it is--a prevaricating lie, boldfaced, in technicolor. And don't be fooled into thinking that the Komen people have actually conceded:

This is, by the way, exactly like Mr. Romney's most current "mistake," or as he puts it, "misspeak." It is Republicans caught in their tangle of bullshit, nothing more. It is yet another example, among thousands, of the tragic dark road Republicans have taken--have CHOSEN to take--a road of lies, of fear, of power at all costs, including the cost to their tattered reputations. It is fitting that Mr. Romney is their nominee (apparently). He is not only a liar of the first order, who continues to create new lies at the mere whiff of resistance to anything he might have previously asserted (what a guy to negotiate with some country who doesn't want to "toe our line," and has the wherewithal to back that resistance up. Like, say, Pakistan). As a methodology to power, this is just a new fill-up on a long road across a desert to nowhere--it started out back in the '60s with the "Southern Strategy," and it continues apace, even as the Grand Ole Party boils itself down to crusty, cinderous nuggets of pure black evil and hate, the little black train a-comin' if we don't get our business right and see them for what they are.

Let's hope the Komen Foundation is history. Meanwhile, since the march of history isn't going to occur this rainy February morning, take a look at a far better analysis of Mr. Gingrich's ever expanding ego than I could possible give you here. You'll find it at James Wolcott's blog, which is part of the Vanity Fair consortium.
I'll just quote the first bit, it's all just as good:

My favorite part of Newt Gingrich’s Florida-primary concession speech last night--only Gingrich could make a concession speech sound like Augustus Caesar risen from the Roman dust--was when he started reeling off all the executive orders he would issue on Inauguration Day like some madman.

“On day one, moments after I have sworn the oath of office, even before we begin dressing for the round of balls that night that some have called Venetian, others Viennese, I will sit at my desk in the Oval Office and issue an executive order repealing and revoking the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment is the font or fount, if you will, of the secularism and overreliance on scientism that plagues us today, and frankly anyone who can’t see that Voltaire led to the horrors of the Third Reich is fundamentally unequipped to debate the matter..."

Gingrich and Romney both deserve to be called what they certainly are, laughing stocks. Both are utterly unqualified to be President, though both could certainly play a President in a comic movie like Doctor Strangelove II. This fact, too, reflects the truth about the GOP--it's what they nominate, because it's what they believe--that a President should have no power precisely because he (or she, La Palin) is a result of a democratic process, and is thus awarded his position by fools incapable of governing themselves.


  1. my sister died of breast cancer. my sister in law is a breast cancer survivor. even so, i will never give money to the komen foundation again.

  2. There are surely many other foundations that are doing better work. It's pretty sick to politicize a terrible disease. I can't think of anything that will be missed should these misguided people running the Komen Foundation move on to other work--whatever that may be.