Sunday, March 18, 2012

All You Have To Do Is Look

So where did Limbaugh get the idea he could rant on for three days about Ms Fluke's personal "morals," producing a sustained rant which was in all details entirely a fantasy, and figure that he'd basically get away with it. Which apparently is what is happening. I turned on the radio yesterday on the way to the recycle center and there was a Rush rerun (our local "Rush Radio Network of stations also carries Tar Heel basketball, unfortunately). He was back, gloating, preening, and suggesting that Bill Maher was for some reason in more hot water than he was. (And hell, Maher has actually defended Rush on this Fluke story, in a context of free speech issues.)

Well, Limbaugh got the idea because of stories like this one:

This is a Democratic attorney general.

How many Democrats are still pretty unhappy that Hillary Clinton made that comment about cookies, back in '92?

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