Friday, March 23, 2012


Today I have the undeserved opportunity to go to a studio and play music, which will at some point possibly result in the creation of a CD by the band once known as the "O'Blurs," and now as the "Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry Unit." It ought to be a fun day. I've made a whole thermos of coffee. I have managed to put all the fire wood that needs stacking out of my mind entirely. I will also put other important realities on hold. Meanwhile, you might read this:

The questions posed are profound. I try to pose more or less the same ones here. For me, the question was framed this week most spectacularly by Mr. Romney's remarkable acceptance speech after winning Illinois. He paints a picture of an America that is so entirely never was and never can be that he disqualifies himself by his own words. Yet his words were the icing on an actual presidential primary victory. It's really a boggling situation we're all in. We've been in it at least since 2001, if not in many ways since America elected an actor president in 1980 over a guy who was telling us several truths--such as that we needed to move away from a dangerous dependence on oil for our energy needs. Thanks Mr. Carter. DUH!

Reagan's first act was to remove the solar panels from the White House roof. That is possibly as significant a fact as any you will discover today. Meanwhile, I'll be sitting in an airconditioned, darkened room, head phones on, playing violin. Send me dead flowers in the morning, send me dead flowers by the US Mail. Oh right, they're discontinuing that service next week.

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