Monday, May 21, 2012

Charlie Company Takes Maneuvers

Just a brief update on the Houdahenians. This past weekend we took them to spend the weekend with their aunt Anna, who lives far far away in Durham County. This was a distance entirely incomprehensible to the boys, so we didn't bother to explain it to them. For them it was just "get in this box," "stay there till the car stops," "now you can get out." Might as well have been a new planet. Libby and I then went off to practice music with our old pals in Unknown Tongues, the only Down East Cajun-Zydeco band on the planet.

I'm hoping Aunt Anna will put up a post here on the doings at her house. There was, I hear tell, a kitty trampoline, and so much fun they even forgot to eat for a few hours at one point. There were also two very established yellow cats on the premises, including one who was long ago a feral kitten on the island of Ocracoke, where such critters who are tough thrive amongst the fishermen and New Jersey tourists, living the high hog of stale champagne, foi gras on broken crackers, assorted cheeses, leftover wedding reception banquets, rare roast beef and turkey bits, and the odd fresh fish head or entrail. It is only tough during hurricanes and nor'easters. These two yellow cats hissed at the boys from a distance of screen porch, the boys apparently stared back, then returned to the trampoline. They return to the deep woods of base camp today. Or we considered just leaving our truck there at Anna's and considering it a trade.

The practice was excellent. We remembered a lot of things we once knew, musically speaking. The rental car, a Toyota Yaris, was nifty. The trip was uneventful, and there's a new chunk of road which gets one from Smithfield all the way to Raleigh without a stop light. This, in inself, was a remarkable experience, new to both of us. Now the week begins, ready or not.

That's a pic of the Tongues. Here's some of their music, for free no less:

If you download "Tongue and Groove," let it be known that Libby is co-author. A fresh rendition can be expected at our joint gig this August 17 in Durham.


  1. a kitty trampoline!!!! they were in paradise.

  2. I'm hoping to hear more about the trampoline myself. It certainly does sound like they had a great time with it.