Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garbage In, Garbage Out

We'll return to Charlie Company pretty soon. More pictures will ensue. If I can post a movie, I will.

Right now, let me refer you to this:

One of the great talismen of the decline of our electorate is the fact that David Brooks, some years ago, became a fixture on the Jim Leher News Hour. As a few realistically inclined web pundits have realized some time ago, Mr. Brooks and a few others toil endlessly in the field of lies, to the end of persuading millions of otherwise sensible people--people who would not be swayed by the outright racism and hate of the Limbaughs and Hannitys--that, really, the whole effort to enfranchise all Americans was always a misguided effort driven by the Democratic Party's structural need for votes, and by the Democratic Party's romanticism in the face of reality. Remove those two problems, says Mr. Brooks, and we'll get "our country" back. In the process, women will be back in the kitchen, cooking, mothering, and having more babies. Black people will only vote when they can pass rigorous tests on American History and the political process. The border will be fenced, and patrolled by hundreds of drones, and those millions who are here "illegally" will be riding cattle cars back into Mexico and Central America, while their American Citizen children are removed to "foster" care. Homosexuals will be just fine if they will just stop flaunting their perversions, or trying to get married and/or raise children. Unions will be, like the gray hair in the new commercial for some sort of men's hair dye, a thing entirely of the past. And, as Mr. Romney has suggested, it will eventually be illegal to run for President if you don't have "business experience."

Hannity yesterday interviewed some third tier Nashville songwriter named John Rich. Here's a story about him from last year, and the pic posted here comes from that story:

Mr. Rich has written a new song, which Hannity played in full, called "Why I Pray." It's got a lot of guitar and drums and bass, and it complains a lot about how in 'Murrica these days things are bad for a lot of people. You can't celebrate Christmas or pray at football games Mr. Rich asserted and reasserted in his long interview with Hannity pre- and post-airing the ditty. He didn't mention the outrage of getting kicked off a plane for being drunk--and certainly that stupidity isn't something reserved only for conservative singer-songwriters. Rich also objected to the very bad treatment being given to Tim Tebow. His implication was that the gubment was to blame for all these outrages, and Mr. Obama in particular. The images in the video (see below) pour a veritable fountain of victimhood and loss over "ordinary people," and if you don't see this video as a backdrop for a Romney commercial before it's over this fall, I'll be surprised. Boys, says Mr. Rich, the money keeps a-rollin' in.

Well, I have to say at least it was nice to hear Hannity getting played for once. This cowboy hatted phony knows how to market, like the rest of Gnashville. Tebow ( is a victim? Pass the biscuits, I'll take some of those millions, I could get me some fucking tires. We don't celebrate Christmas any more? What the hell? While Brooks rearranges our memory banks so as to cause blank spaces where sweatshops and industrial accidents and coathanger abortions used to live, Hannity and his pal Rich are working on the short-term side. We just got past Christmas, and I KNOW it was celebrated in every conceivable way all over this great land of ours. You couldn't escape Christmas if you were holed up in Gnome, Alaska, or in the last trailer on Copperhead Road. You'd get some sort of Xmas advertising straight to your cell phone if you'd hacked yourself right off "the Grid." There'd be planes with banners tied to them flying over your house wishing you Merry Christmas, Shop Walmart if they'd closed the whole rest of American Airspace for the entire month of December.

So hat's off to Mr. Rich, I guess. He got hissef some airplay, even if he had to wear those Rock Hudson leathers with the zippers on the back. As it is every day on the Hannity Radio Extravaganza, the Whyte Dove done sang. Glory hallelujah. (Which looks like it might be either an Arabic word, or something Bob Marley might have said more than once, I and I doncha know.) And you know, if you have to have a friend like Hannity to make a living in the music business, maybe you deserve to get yosef drunk as a skunk and throwd off an airplane. Look at Nugent and Charlie Daniels, Mr. Rich. There you go, Xmas Past, Xmas Future. Have another shot, it won't hurt so bad after a while, and maybe Waylon and Willie will invite you to the big hayride in the sky some sweet day. Getting tossed off that plane is the only cred you have left.

Here's the "official video" of "Why I Pray." You be the judge of the music.

As for the shocking banning of public prayer which Obama instituted just before the start of Ramadan last year, check out Joe Gibbs' outright flaunting of the ban down in Charlotte on a recent weekend. Good thing Coach's got Kyle Busch to fend off the black taliban.


  1. Damn your good Bill... I just love this, "While Brooks rearranges our memory banks so as to cause blank spaces where sweatshops and industrial accidents and coathanger abortions used to live, Hannity and his pal Rich are working on the short-term side."


    1. I mispoke... You're instead of your...