Friday, May 25, 2012

Laura; or Small Victories

The following comes via Tbogg:

Here's the thing. The Limbovians can listen every day to the radio hater and they can imagine that they are just like him, and can blow off just like he does, in any way they want to, with no consequences. And although they are actually and sadly far too correct about that state of affairs (witness, for example, NC's recent sad new Constitutional Amendment, which brings our fine Constitution down to the level of used toilet paper, now and again, ordinary people who imagine they are just like "El Rushbo" discover that, in true fact, they actually live in the world they think they are far far above.

So it is for Mr. Gene Tierney Junior of Greenville, South Carolina. His unmitigated obnoxiousness did not go unpunished.


For a full recounting of the tale of Tierney, you can go backwards through Tbogg's posts on the matter, and on, back back in time, to the start of the whole thing--where a nice law student from Georgetown University testified before a Democratic House non-hearing on the Republican House's Hearing concerning women's matters, which said hearing included no women at all, and where said law student was subsequently insulted by "El Rushbo," on the airwaves owned by all of us (so they say) for nearly a week, in the most obnoxious manner possible, stirring up all manner of controversy and leading, ultimately, to the immortal words of Mr. Gene Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina.

Once, Gene Tierney was the name of a beautiful movie star. That's her picture, above. Was she from S.C.?

Saturday Update: More good news. Amazing.

Update 2. I just spotted this, from Tbogg:

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