Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Symptoms (I Could Do a List of These)

From Tbogg yesterday we find the following bit of news--and make no mistake, this is news, not opinion:

Mr. Gingrich was a top-tier Presidential contender only months ago, in the primary season of one of the United States' two major political parties. He was once Speaker of the House, which is the 3rd highest position in the Federal government in the sense that the Speaker is 3rd in line to be President should something unforeseen happen to both the President and Vice-President. Mr. Gingrich continues to be a top guest on the various Sunday news programs on the various major teevee networks.

Yet, the plain fact is that Mr. Gingrich is a self-aggrandizing grifter, with no shame and no honor, who is fine with retiring for the moment to Tuscany, or where ever else he cares to, even with enormous debts hanging over him. Did the people who worked for him during that campaign season just past even expect to get paid?

Meanwhile, the winning Republican candidate turns out to have been one of the originators of the gigantic outsourcing of jobs phenomenon which has, after eroding our middle class financial foundation for thirty years, left the country in the straits it now finds itself.

So what's the deal with the American Voter anyways? How can this election be close?


  1. that's the question, isn't it? how can it be close? but to answer that question makes me lose my faith in humanity.

  2. There's a commonsense proposition that isn't apparent at first, at least to some people. Put in the framework of advice to the jilted, it goes like this: if he'll lie to her, he'll lie to you. I think it applies to the GOP in this form: if they say government is incapable of operating effectively, then if you put them in government they will be sure to fulfill that thesis for you. Isn't that what we're watching in the House, for example. Isn't it what we watched with the Bush Admin? While government is never a lock, it requires at the minimum people who go into it with good faith and brains and common sense, and a strong sense of empathy. That would be the opposite of the "drown it in the bathtub" attitude which the GOP holds as an article of faith these days.