Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Adventures of the Hudahenians

Well, Libby just left the house with the three boys, for their visit with destiny, their irretrievable move to long-term pethood. They will forever miss out on the unreasoning drive to male dominance in the cat world, the battles with other male cats, the ripped ear, the festering bite or scratch, not to mention the joys of sex in the key of feline. Instead we expect that they will enjoy lying in a pile on the sofa, watching teevee and each other and us, keeping an eye on the birds and squirrels, having another bon-bon as they desire. They'll probably gain some weight over time, but hopefully, since they've not known privation, they won't feel like they'd better eat three helpings right now, just in case (as our wonderful little white kitty did after we brought her in). Hopefully the ops will all be successful and they'll be back home this evening safe and more or less sound (if you don't count a very small detail). We're supposed to keep them separated for at least 24 hours. That will not be easy in this house, but I expect we'll manage. Then it's back at it for them. They're still not ready to just crash on the bed with us--we tried that last night and just got endless bouncing and tussling for our troubles. Wake up times. Don't know what that means. Cats have no clocks. They, in fact, are clocks. Tomorrow being the Fourth of July, we'll at least be around. Nice to have a mid-week holiday.

Meanwhile, Digby posted this extremely heartening piece about a young boy who has some sense, even in the face of what must have been pretty hard-core propagandizing from his parents. One can only hope that true things speak out to people--that dogma and doctrine do not simply blanket people's common sense and ability to see what's out there. As Ezra Klein argued last night, the logic of the health care bill's details--the logic of money--should eventually make inroads into the political closets of the various state Republican governments which are now taking absurd and ruthless stands against merely helping their citizens to get better health care. The Houston Medical Center, he said (for example), will not allow the Texas government to reject billions in Federal monies for the sake of a faulty doctrine. Let us hope. The young lad in the story gives actual flesh to the whisper of sanity:


Congratulations to the kid. As well as judgment, he has courage. He ought to enjoy going to college. Ain't nothing more fun than reading about stuff you don't know.

A quick and instant update: momma just popped up on the porch. She'd like more breakfast, if you please. Isn't that nice.

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