Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Small Step

James Wolcott has a fine critical analysis of the ad. It's been hung up at quite a number of websites, and I'm sure the number is going to grow. All I can say is--it's about time, and it's exactly what the Obama Reelection Team needs to be doing, over and over and over again. Mr. Romney has been lying about the President in every speech he gives. His response to this ad, so far, is: "bbbbut they're trashing 'America the Beautiful,' is noffin sacred?"

Well, who's doing the singing? And, for that matter. Who's doing the trashing?

Elect Mr. Romney and America gets another George W. Bush Administration, but this time on steroids if anything. It's the




Plus a revitalized racism that has always sweltered under America's skin and is about to explode into a pustular cyst that would keep Rush Limbaugh out of two Vietnams and an Operation Grenada to boot.

Bravo Team Obama!

Meanwhile, re the "issue" over when Romney left Bain. You could read this, which is a factual report of what Bain did before 1999:

And you could also consider that in a very real sense Romney was still in charge as long as he signed the legal forms. That's because that's what signing the legal forms MEANS. It does not matter whether he was "engaged" or not. He was legally responsible. So, as is usual with Mr. Romney, he is evidencing his usual craven "truthiness" behavior in this instance as in most of his responses to anyone mentioning anything at all about his history, in whatever venue. He signed the goddam papers. He is liable. It's just like the dog on the roof again--"bbbbut he liked it up there."

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