Saturday, October 27, 2012

'Til I Get Back

I've got a whole lot of stuff to do today. Here's a piece from Driftglass that gets at a great deal of the deep problem that America has with it's operation of democracy and rational choice:

Most of us do have the innate ability to make rational choices. Yes, in some cases a piece of information or misinformation will so distort the process that wrong choices are the result. Republicans, for example, have played the so called "right to life" issue to the extent that many sensible, rational people have entirely forgotten that we used to have nothing but dangerous, illegal abortions, which killed and maimed young women caught in life-circumstances and desperate for some solution that wasn't going to destroy their relationships and their futures.

As Driftglass points out here, the daily disinformation is so rampant as to be unremarkable. It is on all the newscasts, pretty much daily. People who are not intensely focused on an election just soak up the muddle, pretty much without a clue that they're doing it. Their prejudices are massaged, their fears enhanced, and Republicans are willing to lie with breathtaking audacity, not only in ads, but in face-to-face conversations such as what we witnessed last week with Romney and Obama.

It should not be the case that after this election we will say, AT BEST, "whew, we just dodged a bullet." This is not the way to have a democracy.

But this might help:

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