Saturday, November 10, 2012

What He Said

It long has been my opinion that, sooner or later, it is the responsibility of the Democratic party to the future of the republic and the political commonwealth to beat the Republicans so badly in so many areas that the Republicans are faced with a choice of either historical irrelevance, or wringing the craziness out of their party by enforcing a set pf party orthodoxy that does not include creationism, gay-bashing, anti-science lunacy, and the crackpot economic theory that has infected the party ever since Arthur Laffer found that cocktail napkin in the airport bar. Until that glorious day when we have proportional voting, viable third parties, and sparkling white unicorn ponies, like it or not, the Democratic party is the only political institution capable of doing that job. That it largely has shirked that job ever since the first time somebody yelled "peacenik!" at it in the late autumn of 1972 does not make the job less real, or the urgency of doing it less immediate.

--Charles Pierce, Esquire, just now

Meanwhile, in the real world, one of the Boys just ate all the kitty bits I put out for all three of them, while one made the classic covering poop signs over the dish, and the third one, 'Mokey," looked plaintively at me while I ate the last piece of cherry pie for breakfast, even though if he were to jump directly into my plate, he would immediately think he'd been poisoned.

It is a gorgeous Saturday here in central North Carolina. It's the weekend where the leaves fall slowly through the still colorful backdrop of leaves, and the deer move like grey ghosts amongst the oaks and hickories. Towards evening there will be just a whiff of distant wood stoves cranking up. Somewhere not so far away, they are playing football, and oil is getting changed.

The following also goes with a crisp fall day:

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  1. well, that's just about the loveliest post i've read anywhere in a while. it's an eerily beautiful day here, too; 65 degrees. tomorrow; 20.