Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's Real

That was real. According to ABC News, Ms Clarkson was initially a supporter of Ron Paul (fellow Texican), but voted for Mr. Obama.

What's not real is Mr. Jindal's sad effort to exhort his colleagues in the GOP to stop saying "stupid" things. Nor is it real to contrive ways to redefine the Electoral College process so as to more likely create a situation where large majorities of Americans vote for a Presidential candidate, but said candidate loses to minorities who happen to reside in contrived congressional districts. The American political system is already contrived quite enough, thank you. Montana, South Carolina and Delaware have two senators each, as do New York, Texas, and California.

Republicans had better look at the example of Ms Clarkson. If she can see through their current abject cynicism, chauvinism, racism, and plain meanness, even their efforts at gerrymandering the national election process will probably fail. Ms Clarkson is real. Genuine. She is utterly exposed in that video, and she is fearless. In leaving the GOP even if just in this moment when Americans should all come together, she points with her footsteps to the moral corruption and cynicism that is the Republican reaction to a clear democratic statement from the voters.

Mr. Obama is not aiming to bury anyone, unlike Limbaugh and Boehner, McConnell and Hannity and the rest. Ms Clarkson can see, she has no lying eyes.

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