Friday, March 22, 2013

My Senior Class President

(Where Jim and I went to high school--I was the editor of the "Latipac", which is "Capital" spelled backwards, and a stroke of '30s genius no doubt by some callow youth of the depression era. Jim was class president, and the late Bill Weems was President of the Student Body.)

I've written here:

about the efforts to turn an ancient insane asylum's grounds in Raleigh to new use, as in part a city park in an area rapidly losing the possibility of such an entity. Our last governor, Beverly Perdue, actually set up a lease with the City of Raleigh to develop this property as a park, over the next several decades. The lease was viewed as public spirited and having a long view--something which is usually a complement.

As soon as Governor McCrory arrived, along with an all Republican majority legislature, the new "public servants" set about doing what they could to change things. Much like developments in Wisconsin over the past few years, every day here in NC brings a new surprise. Most of them appalling.

More recently the Republican majority has chosen to bring to the general assembly a vote to void the lease signed by North Carolina and various Raleigh entities only a few months ago. My Senior Class President, Needham Broughton High School, '61, Mr. Jim Goodmon, appeared before the appropriate Senate body yesterday to have a say. I should say, by the way, that Mr. Goodmon is president of WRAL-TV (Capital Broadcasting), which was Jesse Helms' home base back in the '60s, before he became a national figure. Generally, Mr. Goodmon has spent his life supporting very sensible projects which reflect well on the Research Triangle area. But he is I'm pretty sure a life-long Republican, and holds views about capitalism and business which are far to the right of this writer's.

Whatever. His remarks yesterday are absolutely correct, and should be a wake up call to any remaining Republicans who are not in the thrall of the anarchist nonsense which has mostly taken over the GOP and threatens to wreck the United States. I offer you the account, as I found it, on the WRAL website:

Mr. Apodaca's immediate resort to faux victimhood is a tell of the depths to which Republicanism has lately fallen. I really don't know who the hell elects these people. Cudos to Mr. Goodmon. Onwards and upwards. Dare I suggest that your Grand Old Party has left you and intelligent people of any persuasion quite far, far behind.

Here's the idea behind the proposed park:

Shocking, simply shocking I know. The implication is, there is such a thing as "general good." These Randians say "balderdash" to such notions. After they quash the Dix Hill Park, it's on to drilling for oil and gas off the Outer Banks. I'm actually surprised that they don't cut to the chase and sell off the National Seashore--most of the Outer Banks is a National Park, and another shining example of what, for Republicans these days, is a chimera--"a public good." No doubt Mr. Romney and others of his "class" can afford to build impermeable mansions out along the banks, and who more deserving than the "job creators" to enjoy the cavalcade of seasons as expressed in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Goodmom correctly pointed out to Mr. Apodaca, it used to be that Republicans valued the principle of standing by one's word, as in a contract. It was the radicals, the Hugo Chavezes, the Castros, the Lenins, who tore up signed agreements with magnates, corporations, and other governments when the mood suited. North Carolina signed a lease. Now, under "new management," they tear it up. Why then, would any business choose to work again with North Carolina? If this isn't a Republican principle, what is? Mr. Apodaca's response,"Hey look, pants on fire," speaks legion.

I guess here in NC, as in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and other places, we'll soon find out what the new regime intends. Maybe they'll work on a principle of odd/even days.

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