Friday, March 1, 2013

Payback Nation

Here in NC, the old idea of state government has been replaced with a bunch of angry people aiming to pay the world back for proving them wrong about everything. And in the process, they're hoping to make personal millions on natural gas. The stories just keep coming. Here's one from yesterday:

Briefly, a group representing NC farming interests (used to be farmers in NC were a pretty big deal too) is complaining that too stringent immigrant labor laws are actually stopping the farmers' ability to farm. You'd think maybe our Legislature would have some concern. Among other things, NC farmers are mostly Republican voters these days, at least unless they're black farmers who learned better long long ago.

But here's the salient response, buried deep in the story per WRAL style:

Hise said patience is running thin at the General Assembly when it comes to immigration issues.

"I think we're dealing with a Congress and a White House that's probably incapable of renaming a post office as they move forward, but that doesn't stop our needs here as a state to be able to do what's in the best interest of North Carolina," he said.

You may recall that efforts to rename the first post office built in the South after the end of hostilities was proposed by our right-wing Congressional Representative Renee Ellmers to be renamed for Senator Jesse Helms. This idea was pretty much stomped into the red mud by rational people in state and out. As I recall, even Charlie Pierce took note.

Thus, Rep Hise (R, some county or other) responds.

According to the NC Legislature and Gov. Frack You, stewardship is for suckahs. Take it to the bank, and pass them peanuts over heah.

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