Thursday, April 11, 2013

Martinsville, April 2013 Race

Jimmie Johnson is the Babe Ruth of NASCAR. He's won the championship 5 times. Last year he was a little off. This year seems to be a return to form. He started off by winning Daytona. At Martinsville he had the pole. As the race settled in he allowed a few contenders to lead a few laps. Probably had a smoke and a ham sandwich.

Then he won the thing.

Afterwards he circled the track in the opposite direction and did burnouts at each "corner." Here he's passing in front of our seats in turn 1, displaying the checkered flag. As you can see, everyone was not pleased with his win. At Martinsville they're mostly Junior fans. And judging from the piles of Blue Lite cans under some spots on the bleachers, perhaps Brad the Kez is also appreciated.

Jimmie's won at Martinsville eight times now. You win a huge grandfather clock when you win there, so he's got eight of the things. That approaches the furniture situation at Johnny and June's house in '79, when we played for Rosanne's East Coast Wedding Reception.

This Saturday the Texas Speedway hosts the "NRA Shootout," the next NASCAR event. They give away pistols to the winner. We find NASCAR's naivete at being used by the NRA almost as remarkable as the mainstream media, and the United States Congress. We will be watching something else, and recouperating from our contradance gig down in Greenville. These days we can always watch the cats playing outside. They've brought in 3 snakes so far.

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