Friday, May 24, 2013

Soltice Awrredy!

The hell with time creeping at its petty pace. It'll be Summer down heah in less than a month. I was so enjoying non-95 degree, 100% humidity days too. As it's been raining for a week, maybe this is the moment to burn the pile of branches left over from winter's tree work. Right now it's sitting smack dab on the spot I used to grow some mighty fine maters. Another chore for Saturday, along with hitting a new section of roof with some thick, silver paint that should give us several more years of leak-free living.

Seems like the GOP is all lizard-brain now. In Congress they are as intent on finding some kind of scandal to get traction for impeachment as my Houdahenians are to hunt up a fresh vole or skink, when they charge out into the blooming, buzzing confusion. It's become a pattern with the Republicans, and a sick one. It's what they did to Mr. Clinton, it kinda worked, so that's the plan. If the Dem gets a second term, then mess it up with "scandals." It's all grounded in this bottomless sense of victimhood, envy and downright hate that keeps the Republicans simmering. And strangely, they simmer whether they're in office or out. Out, and they chuck spanners into the spokes all the live long day. In--they start wars and other projects.

Roy Edroso* reports that just as in the Benghazi teapot, now the way to understand the "IRS Scandal" is to see it as an election ploy--Mr. Governor Walker of Wisconsin says, for example, that the IRS chilled efforts by Tea Party groups to get out the vote in his state. Yeah, right. All the scandal-scandal serves another purpose for the lizard brains--it draws attention away from the bracing idea that the Republicans lost because they have a narrow, hurtful, spiteful way of governing which involves demonizing over half the public for being "takers."

The folks behind this pathetic, shriveled idea are mostly plutocrats like Mitt Romney and the Koch brothers, people who have so much money that when they spend it they make it. But they want to make your grandmother, who's got nothing at all but about a thousand a month in social security, who picks up cans on the roadside to get a little bit to spend--that person, who probably still waves the flag when the parade goes by, is a "taker."

The metaphor is more lizard-brain. The Romneys know very well that all they do to "make" money is manipulate paper. They know that it would not be unreasonable, in a world where there was some justice, for some larger entity (such as our government used to be) to step in and redress this shocking decades-long tendency for all the wealth to flow upwards into the coffers of a very very few. And so they toil. Three phony "scandals," and talk every day of "impeachment" on the phony news shows the plutocrats lavishly fund.

Happy Memorial Day. The folks we honor gave their lives to defend the country the plutocrats toil to demolish.



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