Saturday, October 5, 2013


Charles Pierce nails it.

The American voter is still, for the most part, too credulous to really believe that his own Congressperson would be as cynical as Segretti and Chapin and Rove and Atwater and George W. Bush. Meanwhile, up there where the power lives, there is serious consideration to trading the Keystone pipeline approval for the hostages their own Representatives have taken on behalf of the Keystone pipeline and all the other big time, big money interests that have bought and paid for a majority of the House of Representatives. "My" Congressperson these days is Ms Renee Ellmers. She got her job after my former Congressperson, Bob Etheridge, got Tea Bagged just before the election he lost. Here's a clip of the particular ratfucking in question, suspended in the amber that is youtube forever.

Interesting that there's even an ad attached to this bit of mischief. If it makes money I guess that's the be all/end all now. Anyways, Ms Ellmers actually made some statements back in August that were somewhat conciliatory concerning the Affordable Care Act. She was, after all, before she was utterly seduced by power and money, a nurse. Apparently they called her on the carpet about her August remarks. She's securely back on the train these days, supporting whatever it is the House thinks it's doing, even if, like a lot of her colleagues, she really doesn't quite understand what it is they're doing.

"It's not a damn game!" Boehner said yesterday. He's good at exemplification. Here he exemplifies the horrible truth that the Republican Party is the party of denial and projection. The other truth is, people can say contradictory things in the same paragraph. It's not that the contradictions actually vanish. Logic is eternal, although logic must at some distant point conform to the things Einstein perceived about the real world in which we really live. But in the day to day, the sad fact is that the American voter is still too credulous to believe that the august Speaker of the House of Representatives would assert that "it's not a damn game!" in the point blank face of the blazing, exploding sun fact that, it's a game.

Aren't those pyramids beautiful in the sunset, as we punt the Nile to Alexandria. See what Nixon's doing there, in the photo. If you didn't know, you'd think he'd just won an election.

Update: Congressperson Ellmers has now reversed her position that she will take her paycheck because, darn it, she needs it. The wind is probably rising in her (and my) Congressional district, perhaps due to the coming tropical storm. It is difficult to ride the greased pole in a gale.

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