Friday, November 22, 2013

T-Bogg Is Baaaack!

You can just kick back and read this a few times. It'll do you good. And a hatlo hat tip to Martin Bashir, who obviously has just had it up to here with the incredible endless fountain of hypocrisy that Ms Palin has managed to tap. I happened to sample the yammerings of the young conserv table talkers over at the Blaze Network last night, and one of 'em was fuming about Mr. Bashir's piece on Palin. I hadn't heard of it at all before that.

Here's Mr. Bogg's take:

You may infer that Mr. Bogg has now resumed his commentary on life in the United States from a new deer stand. I'm thinking he just couldn't escape Ms Hamsher's gravity any other way. I'm hoping he'll find much happiness at his new digs. I'll check daily.


In other matters, our Early Blurs web-mistress sent me a link to an ebay listing which describes one of the records I made back in the '70s with the other original Red Clay Ramblers as "hippie bluegrass." You can go check out the link if you like (how long it'll be live I have no idea):

As the term appears in the actual link, I guess that will live as long as this blog. Pretty cool. I like how the term amounts to a triple bank shot which after several other dings and scrapes deposits Mssrs Stretch and Bland together in the corner pocket one might term the dustbin of histoire. I will gladly apply the necessary bandaids to my bow arm and point out to all that this is simply a tiny example of the workings of the millstones of said histoire, which pretty much universally grinds all of our aspirations to powder eventually. It is a further delight on this Friday morning to recall watching the Senior Senator from Kentucky weep bitter crocodile tears all through the evening news last night. Too bad they didn't get around to ending this filibuster nightmare back in '09.


  1. i always thought of it as old time country music, not hippie bluegrass. you guys never seemed like hippies to me. and bashir---well, if he hadn't been so damn vulgar he would probably stlll have a job. but i can't fault his point of view.

  2. You know that hippie ..... thing is pretty darn imprecise, when you think about it. One could say, e.g., the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were both hippie rock bands, meaning younger long-haired more or less middle-class urban white boys "copying" the "real" bands of the '50s--Bill Haley and Comets, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins (say). I guess the Grateful Dead were a hippie rock band since they boiled up around San Francisco in the true moment of hippie "culture," 1967-68. If RCR is being put into the same kettle as the Dead, I'll certainly take it as a complement. We did manage to share the cover of some weekly alt newspaper one time with Jerry Garcia. I think there's a pic of it on our website (early blurs).

    I don't think Bashir needed to resign, and he'll be missed.