Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm a "Southerner" Too

I have to agree with this gentleman, but be careful watching this if you're at work. There's also some very solid responses to Richardson's assertion that black people were "happy" when he was growing up:

To say you “never saw a Black person mistreated” in the Deep South in the 50’s and 60’s, is genuinely astounding. You’re talking about people who couldn’t vote, walk in the wrong part of town, drink from the wrong fountain, sit down in a diner, or show inadequate “deference” to any white trash idiot no matter how poor or stupid he was. You’re talking about people with few if any genuine rights who were consigned to those fields because they were actively excluded from anything else. You saw nothing but Black people being mistreated, and just because you never saw some white guy actually standing over them and beating them with a chain is no excuse to play dumb about it.

Mark Steyn, on the other hand, claims at National Review that Mr. Richardson is being bludgeoned by that dangerous group of thugs, GLAAD.

Nevertheless, GLAAD — “the gatekeepers of politically correct gayness” as the (gay) novelist Bret Easton Ellis sneered — saw their opportunity and seized it. By taking out TV’s leading cable star, they would teach an important lesson pour encourager les autres — that espousing conventional Christian morality, even off-air, is incompatible with American celebrity.

It's pretty sad when this blurry, sloppy phrase, "conventional Christian morality," gets dragged around town in support of pretty much every bigoted notion that sleeps in America's lizard brain, waiting only for the alarm bells of people like Steyn to slither awake yet again. The southern ranter at the top has it exactly right. It's the rubes who are being shilled by the Richardsons. And by the American right wing.


Update, 12/28/13: The suspension has been lifted, praise Jesus, and the faux duck millionaires can continue to make their tv show for the A&E huckster billionaires. Now that didn't hurt much, did it?

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