Thursday, April 24, 2014


These are the four major Republican contenders for the North Carolina Senate seat now held by Senator Kay Hagan. Mrs. Hagan has done a fine job. She's smart, sensible, and hard-working, with a long career in the NC Legislature behind her before winning her seat in the last election. She thankfully voted for the Affordable Care Act.

North Carolina used to have a pretty high reputation in the world of science and technology. Students from around the world attend NC State in Raleigh and take home technical and scientific skills. We have the Research Triangle Park, founded by former Governor Luther Hodges in the late 1950s. That our state could generate such a panel of candidates is embarassing and pathetic. One of these people is a medical doctor, although he sure won't get any business from me.

With such a moment, the argument for Mrs. Hagan becomes, at least she's not one of those idiots. And they all seem to think their responses, and even the simple question, are funny.

Update: the youtube video of the four GOP hopefuls gigglingly denying climate change maybe have been taken down from youtube by WRAL, its source. If it doesn't appear for you, here's another place to watch it. It's very short so click over:

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