Friday, May 2, 2014

The Utopia of Profit

Surely one of the motivations for the astounding level of belief in the magic of the "free market" that one in fact finds in the American electorate is the sugar-coating that the gleaming city on the hill imparts to the every-day actions of folks engaged, large and small, in the activity of bidness. Here's some reality:

While there are certainly historical examples of "statists" gone amok, it is a humane government authority which has the perspective and ability (assuming it's not been starved into submission) to, e.g., fund research into new antibiotics which address human medical issues rather than enhancing beef, chicken, and pork production on our factory farms.

On another subject, remember those three black men who appeared at a Philadelphia polling precinct back in aught-eight and supposedly kept the three McCain voters in the precinct from entering and voting? Surely you do. People threatened to impeach Attorney General Holder over his inaction, even though the event had been investigated and reasonable decisions made.

What you reckon the Republicans, or Fox News, or Limbaugh, are saying about the ersatz militia now occupying a county in Nevada, holding illegal traffic checks, brandishing military-style weapons, etc. And as a follow up question--is the Obama administration being "weak" in forebearing to make this Nevada situation even worse by sending in a real military force to clear out these yahoos, or is the administration making Herculean efforts to keep even misguided American citizens (and their spouses and children) from losing their lives unnecessarily.

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