Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No Limits to Dumb

Here's a quote:

The outdoor Bullets and Burgers shooting range attracts tourists along U.S. 93 between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

“Our guests have the opportunity to fire a wide range of fully automatic machine guns and specialty weapons,” the website claims. “At our range, you can shoot FULL auto on our machine guns.

“Let ‘em Rip!”

The girl, who was vacationing with her parents, fired an automatic 9-mm Uzi as she stood near the instructor.

The worst part is, a little girl has accidentally killed someone, a thing which will live in her memory and life forever. If we're determined to worship something, we'd do a lot better worshiping rocks, or even mouse turds. The gun is Baal.

Hat tip to Digby for the photo. The owner of the establishment was given a lengthy interview last night on Up With Chris Hayes, which is surely now available on the MSNBC website. The owner was doing a passable job of damage control. He said this was the first injury ever at his establishment, and that all his instructors are NRA approved and former military or police. Perhaps Officer Wilson, or the guys who slaughtered the black kid shopping in that Walmart in Ohio will find new employment in Arizona should things turn sour for them.

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