Friday, April 10, 2015

Fiddling Weekend

Me and the boys are heading out for points NE for some musical stuff, starting in a few minutes. I'll try to have something great to write about next week. Maybe even a pic. Our web gal has also called for pics and descriptions. "It wasn't too bad for a bunch of geezers" will surely work. We'll go up the ladder from there.

Meanwhile, Digby has a fine post about Tucker Carlson's amazing ability to lie to himself. Here's the link:

You'd think a grown up person with a journalistic job and a long history in the field would be able to avoid the ridiculous mistake of calling the email simply an "accident." What's accidental about the email? I've never sent an accidental email in my life--it's about as intentional an activity as it gets. I guess you can accidentally hit the "send all" button. But no one is complaining about that accident. They are complaining about the content, which is intentional, and which not only Buckley but Tucker now owns via his pathetic defense.

It's just what they do, so ingrained that they don't even know anymore when the old defenses kick in.

Onwards and upwards with the arts.

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