Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Bracing Experience

Last night I watched a few minutes of Fox News salivating over Mrs. Clinton's emails. One of the panel even used the term "crime" with regard to the emails, and there was general snickering about the classified parts of the emails, and insinuations that whatever the White House or Mrs. Clinton said about the classifications being made now versus at the time, that was just "their" side of the story. We're going to watch this for the whole duration of the current Presidential campaign. As an antidote, I give you this, from Youtube:

Bookmark this page. When you're fatigued, go back and watch this again. It's the truth. This country has allowed an ongoing disinformation campaign to be established as an alleged news network, "fair and balanced," the "most trusted," etc etc etc. This network has consciously entangled itself with most of the major sports events in the country: last weekend, when a baseball game on Fox ran long and into the time slot for the upcoming NASCAR event, NASCAR borrowed the channel normally used by Fox News. This is how a shrewd right wing oligarch buys credibility.

Millions of voters watch Fox News almost exclusively.

Whatever you might think of Mr. Clinton, he's dead on in the clip.

Meanwhile, in the interest of fairness:

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