Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stuck Inside A Mobile Part II

Looking forward:

Read the whole piece. Here's a bit of the conclusion:

Jeb Bush and many other politicians routinely speak in this frankly fascist manner. What does it mean when they say they want to attack Iran or keep “all options on the table”? They mean that one of the options they want to keep on the table is a hitlerian invasion of some other hapless country, the equivalent of Poland in 1939. Iran also has not attacked the United States; and there is no UNSC authorization for the use of military force against Iran for any reason, including genocide.

As long as we have a major news network which is in fact operating an on-going propaganda campaign (Lord Haw Haw in Kansas, as I've said here), no matter what the Republican candidates fumble into saying, they'll be rescued and allowed to change their story until it aligns with whatever the idea of the moment might be. Jeb made his slip in an interview on Fox, with Megyn Kelly, fer gawd's sake! Now he's "explaining" what he meant. By the weekend he'll be back on the wall, swinging his shoes, all the cracks mended.

(And apparently the same will be true of the trade agreement just rejected.)

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