Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What A Week

I'll be back soon. Last Friday we went up to see Libby's dad, and discovered he was very sick with what turned out to be pneumonia. The EMTs took him to the ER and we followed, and stayed with him till the early hours when he was admitted to the hospital. We got home about 2:30 AM. Next day we had a contra dance to play in Greenville, two hours to the east. We got home from that about 1:00 AM. The next day Libby had to go back to the hospital, and stayed in the room with her dad for nearly 24 hours, getting home Monday about 11:30 PM. By then I was sick with a cold, and she didn't feel good either. I'm still taking a handful of herbs and such, and dragging in to work. She was able to sleep almost all of yesterday (Tuesday), but she's still konked out and probably will go back to the hospital today for another round. Her dad is improving.

So, till I get the chance to think, you might want to read this:

There are many deeply disturbing features of the current rendition of the Republican Party. None could be much worse that its inability, at the highest levels of leadership, to admit plain truth and go from there. This characteristic has brought down many countries, including many during the past century. Part of "plain truth" is historical fact. Mr. Cole gets the basic historical facts correct.

Of the many obvious things "wrong" with Donald Trump, one thing he gets right is the basic historical framework which surrounds the event we call "9/11." It is little short of insane to deny these basic facts. When former leaders and leaders-in-waiting exercise this sort of "political denial," we should be warned.

As the EMTs rolled him onto the gurney, gramps complained. "Where are you taking me?" he said. "It's only a little cough." Gramps is 92 and suffers from a lot of things these days, including memory loss. What's the excuse for this:

Or for pathetic brother Jeb! to keep saying "...but he kept us safe." Hardly.

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