Sunday, May 8, 2016

Army Hero Dies at 79

Here's the link. I don't think I'm supposed to quote the New Yawk Times without paying them.

Let's note that this "early critic" was absolutely right. He came back from Vietnam, disillusioned, before the Voting Rights Act was passed. The great amnesia and insufferable ignorance under which the United States labors continues. Yet it is possible to find clarity, even when one is actually, as Mr. Duncan was, in the "belly of the beast." The NYT, you'll note, finds that Mr. Duncan was "radicalized." Even now, so long after the war, the paper of record can't manage to admit that he was, very simply, right, when so many were wrong. I guess the Wall Monument sort of does that bit of reporting for them.

General Loan later immigrated to the United States, and, I believe I read in his obit, ran a Chinese restaurant in northern Virginia somewhere or other. His fame via this photo perhaps greased the money skids for him. And he, too, was but a cog in the machinery.

[photo by Eddie Adams]

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