Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jett Rink Returns

You might want to watch the great '50s film Giant again sometime. Particularly since we seem to be on the fast train back to somewhere sort of like the '50s. I've also noticed references to Phillip Roth's The Plot Against America since the big do on Friday last. I'd certainly recommend giving it a read just to provide some orientation.

Jett Rink was over the top of course. James Dean wasn't all that happy with his performance. And President Trump was certainly not drunk on Saturday at the CIA. It is said now that the applause comes from a generous salting of aides and supporters sitting near the mikes, rather than sober-sided CIA analysts. Who knows. Let's ask Mr. Spicer.

Last night I watched Akri Kurosawa's Red Beard, which had run during the weekend while we were off in the pea soup fog doing a dance in Morehead City. It's not a samurai movie, although there's a humorous reference to samurai skills about midway, when the doctor known as Red Beard rescues a child from a house of prostitution and then has to fight his way out. It makes sense: doctors really ought to know how to break an arm in a jiffy. I found the whole experience of Red Beard extremely uplifting. It should remind all of us who care about people that it is still possible to care about people.

I posted Mr. Trump's whole speech just so you don't have to wonder if the evil press is editing anything. This is what we have.

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