Friday, February 17, 2017

Which Side Are You On

They just relegalized this:

Meanwhile, down in El Paso, a latina woman who went to court to get a restraining order against her husband for beating her was arrested by ICE as she left the court house. There are also reports that the Trump administration is considering using various state national guard units numbering some 100,000 to round up undocumented people in various states. Mr. Spicer says these are unfounded rumors. They didn't happen to come up yesterday in the press conference. Perhaps at the rally in Florida someone will ask. Or maybe the rally will end with an altar call for volunteers who might want to join in the roundup festivities.

If we get out of all of this alive, perhaps we should take a look at building a new structure for the American family, leaving the ancient authoritarian model we still use in probably 75% of American homes to the dust bin of history. It's too bad there's no film of Mr. Trump's father talking to Master Donald as he sits at the dinner table in his knickers and refuses to eat his English peas.

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