Friday, May 5, 2017

Health Care Bill

There will be millions of words written. Here's a good start:

I've been in a certain quandary about Republicans and the Republican party for a long time. I was convinced back in the days of Nixon that there was never a good reason to pick a Republican, at any level of government. So in a sense I've sort of shot my wad, as they say. Nonetheless, it does seem to get worse and worse. During the era of Nixon I could have voted for Lowell Weicker, for example. And while there were a lot of issues with Sam Ervin (a Democrat), after Watergate I would have voted for him too. The Republicans have been getting worse and worse. I don't see how to ascribe much of this trend to anything other than racism. A great number and percentage of Republicans were simply incensed that a black man achieved the Presidency, and was reelected. One of those Republicans was of course Donald Trump.

One can hope that the Senate will simply fail to pass a cruel and evil bill aimed primarily at destroying Mr. Obama's legacy. Predictions I've read are not so sanguine. American tribalism continues to thrive. Back in the '20s and '30s, the United States government sic-ed the US Army on a variety of its citizens. Veterans who were protesting for pensions were violently driven from Washington under Herbert Hoover's orders. Hoover then lost to Roosevelt. Strikes were put down in Detroit and other places under Roosevelt.

Money has always been power. Money has mostly been greedy, and willing to lie and deflect. The top one percent of Americans, ranked by income, get over $800 billion from this bill when and if it is passed. Oddly enough, the same amount vanishes in support of Medicaid.

The Old Vet may soon be dependent on Medicaid, after serving his country bravely in France, Belgium, and Germany, in 1944-45. Hopefully it will be there for him.

I plan to never vote for another Republican. But as I say, my conviction in that regard was sealed well before this particular legislative cruelty won the US House of Representatives.

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