Monday, July 5, 2010

Fiber-optic Sewer Lines*

The folks at Driftglass have bothered to connect some important dots for us. The ones at the end are particularly significant--where the point is made that infrastructure is now in the minds of many, "socialism." Meanwhile, it is suggested on the Right that Sarah Palin replace Michael Steele as Republican National Party Chairman, because Mr. Steele tends to say impolitic things.

On my teevee--and I'm meaning to give it a watch soon, once all the sports is overwith for the year--there's a dramatic story unfolding with monkeys as the main characters. Set in India, a tribe of monkeys struggles with life's various travails. Here's a link to the show:

Yesterday, swooping past on the way to Major League Baseball, I stopped briefly at the face of one of the main characters, apparently deceased, flies buzzing around his or her eyes (shades of "Idiot Wind", which could have been the theme song of the episode perhaps). The blurb on the show calls these critters (rhesus macaque) the "troublemakers" of the animal kingdom. Perhaps the writers didn't want to be too pointed with the audience for the show. Perhaps Mr. Driftglass will connect these dots in a future episode, if he deems it necessary. Mr. George Allen has of course already introduced the familiar term to the public, with delightful and disastrous results for himself.

Idiot Wind might serve as the background music for Mr. Driftglass's post:

Read em and weep.

*From a song by Mike Craver


  1. Bill - thanks for the quote!


  2. Saw your comment at Dg's.

    Very nice blog.

    Love those monkeys!

    They look so much smarter than our "leaders."