Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fireworks (The Moment)

Warren Oates' birthday is July 5th. Here is a review of one of his best movies, which is also one of Sam Peckenpah's best movies (though not quite the utter masterpiece of The Wild Bunch, which also stars Mr. Warren "Tandem??" "Wal Prozet!" Oates.) Here's a great review of Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, from which the photo comes. The youtube link is the trailer to The Wild Bunch.

Not many people have even seen this movie. I'm not sure what Pauline Kael thought of it, although I'll bet she at least liked it some. She got ole Sam.


Congrats to Kevin Harvick for actually managing to battle through that mess of a Firecracker 400 last night. He said before the race that he needed to start pushing. His lead in the Chase had dwindled to almost nothing, and it was kind of embarassing to the whole concept of the Chase that he still had a lead with only one win, given than others have a good handful of wins and can't catch up. Now Kevin has a cushion, and maybe he'll actually win The Chase, although I'm picking Denny Hamlin and JJ as co-faves. Sam Hornish needs to get his own track, with electric bumper cars.

And congrats to Germany for utterly demolishing the myth of Argentina, which still lives in the hearts of its players and Coach Maradona, which must be like having Felini for a coach. Can the Netherlands defeat Germany just once, for a change? Guess we'll see.

Update--dang if Germany didn't go down like lambs to Spain, yesterday. One just never knows, do one.

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