Wednesday, August 18, 2010

After Jumping off the Cliff

The link is to a very detailed conversation concerning the fate of a now 23-year-old Canadian who was severely wounded in the initial invasion of Afganistan by US forces just after 9/11/01.  He's been sitting down in our little part of Cuba ever since, while various angels dance on ever shrinking pin-heads with ever more audacious pirouettes for our enjoyment and amusement.  Somehow reminds me of the time Andy Jackson explained to the Cherokee that they really didn't own anything east of the Mississip, and had best start a-walkin out to their ancestral lands in Oklahoma.  "Way down yonder in the Indian Nation," Andy sang, slapping his sword on his thigh and sipping some of that good Tennessee Sour Mash between verses while the little black boy with the banjo took a break on the old 5-strang.

 Mr. Bush is of course now retired and working on the itinerary for his upcoming book tour.   If he drank any more he'd certainly have hissef a nice on-the-rocks from that bottle of Jack.  As it is, a glass of good Texas sweet tea will surely suffice, along with a modest helping of barbeque and slaw.  I'm torn between Andy Devine or Chill Wills as the man best suited to play either Jackson or Dubya.  It is a constant source of annoyance to me that America's first genocidal President is commemorated on the $20, which has become the $5 bill of the first decade of the 21st Century.  It's an unavoidable denomination--switching to $10s makes my ass hurt.  Third possible candidate for the dual role--Slim Pickens of course. 

Photo is of the actor Chill Wills.  I recommend watching George Stevens' Giant just for his cameos.  If the voting goes for Slim, I'd guess his famous ride in Dr. Strangelove approximates Mr. Bush's decision to leap boldly off the cliff.

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