Monday, August 16, 2010

Didn't You Know This Fact Was Going to Show Up?

Roy Edroso and many others have covered the amazing Mosque At Ground Zero controversy and continue to do so. Mr. Obama made a very moderate statement on Friday which, to say the least, puts the so-called issue in a Constitutional context. Today, without a doubt, the Right-Wing Radioheads will continue to fulminate about the Mosque At Ground Zero. The true and sad cost of this blatant politicization of the faith of many thousands if not millions of Americans is apparently of no interest to people like Sean Hannity, not to mention many of our Senators and Congress Persons. An antidote to some of this jingoism and viciousness aired on NPR yesterday in the form of a series of interviews with Americans of the Muslim faith concerning their first experience celebrating Ramadan, which includes fasting. No doubt Hannity and the like will dismiss any information coming from NPR as being suspect--no matter that we could hear the individual voices and, with ease, understand something of who these nice individuals are. Libby and I listened as we drove along I-85, coming back from Georgia in our nice rented, airconditioned Impala.

Anyways, reading the news this morning, I find the following fact:

Seems there's already at least two mosques located "near Ground Zero." Not at all surprising given the wonderful ethnic diversity that is New York City. But still--how much more depressing can this racist, jingoistic campaign aimed at inflaming the country against muslims become. Does Hannity not recall that a day or two after 9/11 some idiot out in Arizona shot and killed a man working in a convenience store because he was wearing a turban? I mean really! A guy named "Sean" of all things might have some sensitivity for the sport of knee-capping. You'd think?

Well, onwards and upwards with the arts. Check out Mr. Edroso if you want to read more on the fulminating class. He's over in my links section.

The photo is of the "Blue Mosque," Istanbul, Turkey

Update: A distinction of sorts has now been made, between the constitutional issue of which Mr. Obama spoke, and "American Opinion," supposedly solidly against the "Mosque At Ground Zero."  Even Mr. Harry Reid, D Nevada, suggests that "American Opinion" now be considered.  The Democratic Party is going gain nothing by this sort of "concession," as they gained nothing by conceding more and more to the hard right in last year's conversation on American health care.  There was, after all, no "American Opinion" on the "Mosque At Ground Zero" until the whole thing was pumped up by propagandists.  Even with all the propaganda, people who live in Manhattan are in favor of the mosque. Oh, you doubt there was no "American Opinion" on the "Mosque At Ground Zero."  Well, then, you must burn with a white hot rage at the facts depicted here:

Because it's this same crew who have pumped up the rage today, and the same so-called "desecration."

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  1. i fervently believe in freedom of speech. but oh god i sometimes hate the way people use it.

    we have religious freedom in this country and thank god for that. any god. surely nobody wants that tampered with. surely!