Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Pet Goat, the Sequel

Mr. and Mrs. Obama are doing a special live internet thing this morning on bullies in school.  In other news, the head of NPR has resigned for stating a patent fact--that the Tea Party utilizes the "Southern Strategy" in its methodology (see, e.g., the Mark Williams "letter to the NAACP").

Perhaps the working theory is, since the world is round, retreat can always be effective.  Union members in Wisconsin beg to differ one presumes.

Update: re Laurie's comment, here's a good post on the NPR subject, with several links to further bits of information:


  1. At least they're out in the open now.

    And when the shooting starts, we'll know the proper targets.

    Not that I'm for violence or anything harsh.

    No. That's the taxpayers only.

    Thanks for the goat analogy.


  2. i have no idea why anybody from NPR felt obliged to resign when some sneaky person took secret video and then spliced and edited them to make things look worse than they were.....and weren't even that bad, then. the world has gone mad.